Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I thought i should contribute just so i can call myself a blogger. i am waiting for the swelling to go down where a bee or something stung me on the face yesterday while i was on a mt. bike ride. it hit me while i was going real fast and could not let go of the handlebars because i was bouncing through some rocks so i was frantically blowing on it but it wouldnt let go and stung me under my eye. It happened just a few days after a bee flew into my jersey on a road bike ride and stung me in the chest. I think they are out to get me.

i have a picture of Jacob on his first backpacking trip with the scouts giving me the "why are you taking a picture of me" look. and also a picture of a steep part of the trail called "the drainpipe" It was a fun trip.


Tony said...

cute pictures, but sad story about the bees. i hope the swelling goes down soon. it was fun to hang with the kids in logan.

sienna (not tony)

Bird said...

I LOVE that picture of Jacob. LOVE it. I'm considering framing it and then showing everyone how awesome my nephew is.

Tony said...

It was fun chilling with the kids in Logan. I like Jacobs picture. I remember not wanting to be at stuff when I was littler.

Great stories about the Bees! That sucks though at the same time. :P