Saturday, February 5, 2011


One of those lumps up there is my Jetta.
This is in front of our house as of yesterday. Quite the pile of snow for those of us who aren't used to it. That's our birdbath. And that bunch of icicles is what was once our mailbox. After I took the picture we had to free it.

Ryan had to shovel the driveway with a garden shovel due to the lack of snow shovel at our house. He swears he's going to buy 5 snow shovels for next year.
And, because Dyany is going to ask- this is where our toilet is.


sienna said...

that is crazy. we have NO snow here, which is crazy. it hasn't snowed here forever either and yesterday was sunny and 40 degrees. what a weird winter swap.

Dyany said...

oh no! Poor toilet!

Bird said...

@Sienna- I know, right? And we're supposed to get at least 5 more inches tonight....
@Dyany- We're practicing the new method of freezing all the germs off of it. We just had to wait for this week for it to get cold enough ;)